Custom metal pens that are more than everyday office essentials
When business owners are out for extraordinary exposure opportunities, promotional metal pens are often underestimated and overlooked. Yet, these everyday essentials hold incredible potential for your company.


At MTC, we know that even the simplest of items can showcase your brand in the right place at the right time. So, why not start small and stock up on promotional branded pens that will eventually encourage you to think big? Make sure they flaunt your logo, and you’re all set to distribute!
Where can you use promotional branded pens?
Pens are ubiquitous. They find their way into every corner of corporate life, including office spaces and events. That’s why they are a versatile and effective promotional tool.


We are often tasked with creating custom metal pens for:

Office use. Imagine your brand making a daily appearance on the desks of decision-makers, best talent, and potential clients. Our metal pens can make this happen in any office setting to reinforce your corporate identity day in and day out.
Corporate event handouts. Whether you’re hosting a conference, trade show, or seminar, metal pens are the perfect handouts. They are practical and remind them of your business long after the event has ended.
Employee pride. Sharing metal pens with your logo among your employees sets the stage for consistent brand representation within your organization. It’s an impactful way to foster a sense of belonging and pride.

Features that add value
Our metal pens go beyond the ordinary. While you can always opt for standard designs without bells and whistles, we can also fuel the promotional effect with special features such as:

Phone holder. Transform your pen into a convenient tool to prop up your iPhone. It’s a functional choice that keeps your brand visible while providing a practical solution.
LED lighting. Illuminate your business with our LED-lit pens. These attention-grabbing options are perfect for making a corporate statement in dimly lit environments.
Elegant stylus designs. Order pens for company-wide use that maximize sophistication as your clients or employees transition from paper to touch screens.
USB. Why settle for an ordinary writing tool when you can have one that also serves as a USB flash drive? Let your branding elements shine while having your docs at hand.

Other features can also be added. As a full-service metal promo pens supplier, we are ready to make them as functional as you want, plus include your logo and brand-specific visual elements. 


Request a quote after choosing the type and features. You will then be walked through the price and delivery of your unprinted or printed metal pens in the UAE. The shipping time will be determined by the customization service you require and the quantity of your order.